Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry

"Ernst Ludwig of Hesse"

The foundation of this regiment reach back into the year 1682, only one generation after cruel all land and people devastating 30-Year-War. The Bavarian Army counts 24 companies of foot, skeleton companies dicharged regiments of this war, plus 35 regiments on horses.
At ruler time of elector MAX EMANUEL, 7 regiments was new activate (one regiment contents
6 companies to 200 men,
1 company to 4 Musketeer platoons and 2 armed with pikes)
The later Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry Regiment was created from parts of the "Leibregiment" and Regiment "Maffei". The "Leibregiment" was later called Royal Bavarian 10th Infantry and the Regiment "Maffei" was named Royal Bavarian 4th Infantry.
These, like all others Bavarian Infantry Regiments are disbanded after World War I.



Cadre Regiments
Establishment of Regiment
Napoleonic Era
Unification War 1866
World War I.



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