Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry

The Author

Rudolf Winziers

born late summer 1955 at Bamberg (Franconia)
the 1000-year old Bishop and Emperor town. Capital of Roman Empire on the banks of Regnitz river

today a World Culture Heritage

Hobbies: Travelling, ancestor research

With my ancestor research I found the Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry because relatives were killed in action on Flanders soil. On travels to the battle places of WW I (Ypres front) I was the first descendent who visited first in 1998 after 83 years the grave of my grand uncle, died in August 1916 caused by a bullet into his hip near Lens at a military hospital at Carvin, French Flanders.

The grave of my wife's great-grandfather was not to found. He was killed in action at  attack on Hollebeke Palace in October 1914. After second World War was it to found as a single grave. Probably after WW II he was exhumed and transferred as an unknown soldier and got his final rest at the German military cemetery at Langemarck. All visited cemeteries (German, French, British and Indian) are in a very good manicured state.

Several trips to the battle grounds of Verdun are a duty for memento and commemoration. Another designation was the battle ground of Lagarde. Tours on trace of the Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry in Alsace-Lorraine (Meurthe and Mortagne), Flanders (Ypres, Hollebeke, "Bavarian Forest") underpins my research for this old tradition regiment.

Months-long studies at several archives increase my knowledge about sorties of Bavarian Infantry, especially about 2nd IR, 4th Regiment "King Wilhelm of Wuerttemberg" and 10th Infantry Regiment "Prince Ludwig"; the history of the 5th Infantry and 4th Reserve Infantry. Last both Regiments are specific connected with my ancestors and the City of Bamberg.


An Internet search for Bavarian Infantry Regiments was without success.
Thereby I got the idea to present worldwide the history of 5
th Infantry and its 236-year history. Its brave soldiers came on foot from the widths of Russia to the Channel coast, from Berlin to Tyrol and (the ancient regiments) from Hungary until South France and Italy.


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