Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry

"Cadre-Regiments 1682-1722"

Regiments are named after the Regiments owners. Both Infantry Regiments are sent by their political leaders on the following expeditions and war actions:


1682 Foundation of the Regiment "Berlo" on 29.06. in Munich


Musketeer of Leibregiment

1683 Rising the siege of Vienna (Bavarians and Franconians are in the centre of battle), siege and capture of Gran (Esztergom)
Regiment get the name "Churfürstliches Leibregiment zu Fuß" (Electors own regiment of foot)
1684 Siege of Ofen (Buda [ -pest]) and battle near Neuhäusl
1685 Raising of siege of Gran, one more siege of Ofen
1686 Ofen palace captured (Bavarian losses: 1,724 men)
1687 2nd Battle at Mount Harsan near Mohácz
1688 Attack against Beograd fortress. Regiment has only 565 men
1689 Siege and capture of Mainz (Hesse)
1691 Regiment goes with 12 companies via Tyrol, Engadine, Grisons and Bercelli to Turin
1692 Invasion in South France
1693 Taking Pignerol fortress on Mount San Brigitta, battle of Orbasano, capture of Turin
1694 Capture of Huy citadel (Spanish Netherlands)
1695 Capture of Namur after a siege of ten months, garrison at Brussels
1702 Capture of Ulm/Danube and Memmingen (available in German version)
1703 Taking of Neuburg/Danube, invading of Tyrol (the "Leibregiment" as advance guard), 1st Battle of Höchstätt at 20.09.
1704 2nd Battle of Höchstätt (Blenheim / Blindheim) on 13.08.
1705 Fight near Neer-Ysche on Dyle river
1706 Battle of Ramillies, defence of Antwerpen
1709 Battle of Malplaquet (Regiment on right wing of battle centre), defence of Mons (after surrender regiment went to Namur)
1713 Siege of Landau (Palatine)
1717 War against the Ottoman Empire
Bavaria has 5,400 men under the order of Marquis de Maffei; 2 Batallions of the "Leibregiment", Regiment "Churprinz" and "Lerchenfeld" and a Dragon Regiment at Semlin camp under the supreme command of Prince EUGEN of Savoy.
Assault of Baytina rempart and capitulation of Beograd at August 18
1719 Regiment returns to Bavaria and arrives in Munich, later in the old garrison town Ingolstadt

Regiment Bavaria"

1706 Regiment founded at Alessandria, Battle of Turin, Winter quarter at Vienne (Dauphiné)
1709 Regiment (Royal Bavière) give up to the French King Louis XIV.
1713 Siege of Landau and Freiburg, then returns to Straßbourg
1716 Regiment should be solve into a French Regiment.
2nd company is a cadre unit for the French Regiment "Royal Bavière"
Bulk of Regiments went home on May 5th to their Bavarian homeland and City of Amberg
1717 Attack against the Baytina rempart
Regiments owner is Generalfieldmarshall-Lieutenant Ferdinand Alexander Marquis de Maffei

Return of this Regiment to Bavaria, first garrison at Ingolstadt, than Amberg, finally at Ingolstadt upon Danube river on May 6th where the 8 companies of the Regiments are reunited

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