Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry

German-French War 1870/71



Battle order at 20.07.1870:

I. and II. Battalion formes with 9th Infantry and Hunter Batallion No. 6 the 7th Infantry Brigade.

III. Battalion/5th IR forms with III./1. IR, I./7. IR, III./14. IR, Hunter Btl. 5 and 10 the 8th Infantry Brigade

In additional to the 4. ID is the Chevaulegers Regt. 2, the Artillery Regt. 4 (with 4 gun batteries), one ammunition convoy, the Ambulance Column No. 2, the Commissary Train No. 2 and the Field Hospital No. 4


22.07.1870 II. Battalion leaves with 500 men the garrison Aschaffenburg for Neustadt a. Schaidt (Palatine)
23.07.1870 I. Battalion leaves the city of Bamberg, the former capitol and old residence of Emperor Henry II.
24.07.1870 III. Battalion follows the I. Battalion to Palatine
30.07.1870 After arriving of reserve forces, the Regiment has complete war strength
04.08.1870 Attack and capture of Weissenburg (available only in German version)
06.08.1870 Battle of Woerth (Fröschwiller):
Beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Division fights with 9 and a half Battalions on a front length of 3 km
(7,250 Bavarians against 6,300 French rifles on a distance lesser than 100 steps), 108 cannons of the V. and XI. Corps firing; 1st rifle company of the 5th Infantry Regiment catches the French Division General RAOUL and takes 19 officers and 312 mens in prison-of-war
Total loss of the Frenchs: 21,000 men, 28 cannons, 5 machine-guns
Total loss of Germans: 10,153 men and 489 officers
13.08.1870 March via Marsal s. Seille to Nancy
18.08.1870 Advance to Toul
23.08.1870 8 batteries (2 Bavarian and 6 Prussians) begins to fire on Toul, after the commander of fortress reject an honourful capitulation
24.-31.08.1870 March over the high plains between Maas and Ornain, through the Argonne forest. The Regiment unites with the Division
01.09.1870 Battle of Sedan:
I. and II. Battalion with Hunter Batallion 5 at Gate de Mézières, French troops show white flags
French bearer of the flag of truce crosses the battle line of 5th Infantry
02.09.1870 Capitulation of French Emperor NAPOLEON III. and the Army of Châlons
04.-19.09.1870 March on to Paris:
Regiment march trough the western Ardennes and reach the Aisne river, 7 days trough the Champagne, at 16.09. arriving at Melun near Paris
19.09.1870 Enclosure of Paris, Regiment took position at Bagneux and Bourg
30.09.1870 Battle of Chevilly
13.10.1870 Battle of Bagneux:
08:00 a.m. Fort Bicêtre, Montrouge, Vauves and Issy starts firing against the whole front of the Army Corps with fortress cannons. 18 French Battalions attack with great speed, attack rejected.
29.11.1870 Battle of L'Hay
18.01.1871 The I. Battalion/5. Infantry Regiment sends his flag to the 56 from other Regiments, 8 Cavalry Regiments their Standards to the Palace of Versailles for the proclamation of the

German Reich


acceptance of Imperial dignity by WILLIAM  I. of Prussia


I. Battalion are garrisoned at Germersheim
II. and III. Battalion returned to Bamberg by train
Royal Bavarian 5th IR and Bambergian Cavalry send volunteers to China to suppress the "Boxer revolt".

1871 - 1914 peaceful years

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