Royal Bavarian 5th Infantry

Napoleonic Era

On 07.02.1812 mobilisation of Bavarian Army

I. Corps (Deroy) gathered in Regensburg - Hof - Bamberg area, the II. Corps (Wrede) in Erlangen - Ansbach - Nördlingen - Ingolstadt area. The 5th Infantry Regiment is integrated in the II. Bavarian Corps.

(2 Battalion = 2 grenadier-, 2 rifle- and 8 fusilier companies) which left Nuremberg on 11. March; through Franconia, the principalities of Reuß and Saxonia, via Posen to the Vistula river. The Corps crossed the Neman river on June 21, the Prussian east border.

07.08.1812 Bavarian Army Corps cross the Düna (Dvina/Daugava) river over pontoon bridges
16.08.1812 3-Day-Battle of Polozk (Regiment strenght after battle: 700 men), description of battle is available only in German version.
Battles at Disna and Bononia.
Terrible retreat from the Beresina with -30R, hunger, tired soldiers and continuous pursuit. Ice covered streets full of dying soldiers, dead bodies and dead horse carcasses.
09.12.1812 Regiment had on this morning a strength of 60 men, at evening reaches 12 men the City of Vilnius
14.12.1812 From 12,000 soldiers goes eastbound reaches only 20 Korporals and lower ranks the Njemen river, from 3 Chevauleger Regiments (24 Squadrons) returns 30 horses
19.04.1813 I. Battalion returns to Nuremberg, II. Batl. stays in Thorn
21.01.1813 Fragments of the Regiment takes part to the crew of fortress Thorn at the Vistula river and stays there until 19.04.1813
16.06.1813 Regiment pass Bavarian northeast border at Hof
23.06.1813 Regiment arrives at Nuremberg and fights in the battle of Bautzen, battles near Hoyerswerda, Luckau and Dennewitz; insignificant service at the Battle-of-Nations at Leipzig
Fragments of the II. Battalion unite with I. Battalion
II. Battalion new formation at Munich on 17.12., then post at the Bavarian south border
1814 I. Battalion participates in the campain against France:
Battle of Hanau, outpost fights at St. Die, battles of La Rothière, Bar-sur-Aube, Arcis-sur-Aube, march in at Paris
24.06.1814 The I. Battalion returns to their Franconian homeland to Nuremberg and unites with II. Battalion
1815 Campain against France:
Battle at Saarbrücken, Regiment on march to Paris reaches Brienon, goes downstream Yonne river and from this area in Brigade groups returns to Bavaria
03.12.1815 Glorious march in the garrison Nuremberg
1816 - 1847 Years of peace: Regiment is named 5. Line-Infantry-Regiment "Erbgroßherzog von Hessen" (see complete German version)
II. Battalion is garrisoned at Landau/Palatine
II. Battalion returns with 4 Sergeants, 22 Corporals, 10 Vicecorporals, 3 Tambours and 562 Privates to Nuremberg
Year of Revolution: Regiment's name changed to "Grand Duke of Hesse"
Campain to occupay the Palatine
1850 - 1865
Years of peace
The II. Battalion of the Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment No. 5 comes finally to Bamberg
The I. Battalion of this Regiment left Germersheim fortress to Bamberg and reunites with the II. Battalion. The III. Battalion from Munich is posted at Nuremberg

The 5th Infantry Regiment was posted until its disbandment in 1919 in this old emperor and bishop town on the Regnitz river (see German version).

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